Kate California

Letter to Next President

This is what I'd like my next president to do!

Dear President,

I hope that you will be a great president and make good calls. Good job on winning the presidency, this has been such a tight race with lots of ups and downs. One thing that I hope you do as president, is to make sure innocent civilians aren't being discriminated against or hurt because of the color of their skin. Policewomen/men have recently been shooting or hurting black people because they are afraid they might get hurt. These people didn't have weapons and weren't showing signs of aggression. This has been said so much and I know that we talk about it a lot in my class. There was one day when we were watching the news, and the headlines were just about police shooting people of color. Not one thing that was happy and positive. That really scared me. What scares me most is the fact that we are still afraid, still worried, still discriminating, just against human beings that have a darker skin color than you or me. In our class, we write hashtags about what we learned from the news that day. A lot of my entries have been #BlackLivesMatter and whatnot. That shouldn't be happening. It's 2016 and it's still happening. Another thing I'd like to discuss is equality for women. I believe the gap is 75 cents to a man's dollar. We have the same job, we may even have been working for a longer time, yet because of sexism and believing that men are superior and qualified we don't get paid the same. Today in Social Studies we were studying and observing a political cartoon. The cartoon was about women getting the right to vote. In the picture the woman was standing up, hands on her hips, looking very confident. The man was sitting down, holding two screaming babies, and looking very scared and or confused. I think this was the best cartoon I've ever seen. I thought that men have never tried to do what we are "supposed" to be doing all day. I realize that times have changed, but it used to be that women were there to "support" their husband through all the work, and to make the babies. We are much more than that and capable of doing amazing things. If you are Donald Trump than I will just say that the remarks you have made about women are some of the most rude, inconsiderate, inappropriate, horrible, and stupid things I've ever heard a human say. I do hope that you will take these back or apologize and be smarter. If you are Hilary Clinton then I'd like to say that I saw you in person once at an event. You inspired me so much after actually taking questions from kids my age.

Thank you.