Avery California

Gun Control

I think that the laws for allowing someone to purchase a gun should be more strict then they are now. We should be able to trust anyone who buys a gun.

Dear Future President, 

I'm a fifth grade student in California and recently I have been hearing a lot about gun control and the effects poor gun control can have on innocent people. In the news a lot of people are getting killed or seriously injured by people who aren't using guns properly.

I live in a city were eventually I will need to take the bus to school and want to feel safe around strangers. I don't want to worry about walking alone in my neighborhood or worry about being at a public place like a movie or mall. 

I believe that people have the right to own guns to protect themselves but I believe they should earn that right. First, they should have a background check to make sure they haven't broken the law. Then they should be required to take a class on how to properly use a gun. It shouldn't be as easy as it is today. 

Thank you for reading my letter.