Julie s.m California

LGBTQ equality , rights, and Racism.

The next president must be open minded about the LGBTQ community and must be accepting to all races thier choice of lifestyle and how they are .

Here in the united states of america the election of a new president is a huge deal, and there are many problems now a days that they ,as the president must fix ,one way or another.

Racism is one of these huge problems around the U.S.   What racism or being a racist person means is to discriminate others just because of their race,skin color ,religion,beliefs ,etc.  Many people a day are getting discriminated for these things all around the U.S. , ranging from young children to adults and even elderly people. The next president must be fair to all people and ask other people and citizens to be fair as well, and keep their opinions to them selves ,that way many people will feel safer, and many children will stop getting bullied.

Another major problem is the equality and rights of the LGBTQ community. Many people have different sexual orientations than others, and the constant bullying of LGBTQ teens all around the U.S. causes "9 out of 10 students to commit suicide from grades of 7-12.","yet questioning students have a higher risk of suicide than other students."-LGBTQ youth health. And because of this, many people are afraid of coming out, even though we have a national coming out day, many teens and adults are still in the closet.  It is even harder for teens and adults who still live at home or around a negative environment  towards people from the LGBTQ community. For example a young man who identifies as gay, is afraid to come out, because his family is really religious and say that all the people like that will go to hell. That is what is making these people scared and confused about coming out.

I think the next president should solve both these problems and more if possible . I think these are really bad and major problems that must be solved, for the better of every one in the U.S. and for these citizens and people to feel safe and okay  in their home, and in their  own beautiful skin.