Cami California

Homeless people

More than 564,708 people are homeless today many people are suffering and cold and have no home. They are suffering to death and some have disabilities. Each person ends up homeless in a different way but they're all sad stories.

Dear future president,

Have you ever seen a homeless person on the street suffering or hurt and they're on the verge of dying. What do you do about it, do you walk past them, do you give them food, do you give them money or do you try to help them. I was recently involved with the Rafael house, I gave all my money to them from my lemonade stands so I got to tour the place. There are many little kids there that looked hurt but we're happy that they had finally found a home, there are there is only a certain amount of people that Homeless shelters can take. Some families kids or adults are very ill because they live on the streets and cannot get clean water or find food. When I was watching the news and it was a really rainy night and I saw a homeless person that couldn't find a shelter for the night and was freezing cold and had nowhere to go.

You never think about it but if you put yourself in these people shoes you would hope that your country would help you survive. It is up to us to help them get a safe home and possibly a job. I know that some homeless people make a mistake and go to jail and when they get out of jail they are homeless but we need to be able to forgive. Everybody has done something bad and maybe you're not caught for it but it was probably something really bad.

As the new president of the United States is up to you and our government to help the homeless and the people in need by not having poor people pay taxes but have the people who have money pay taxes because if you're really poor and you're about to lose your house and it's tax day you might as will lose your house just that moment. Or even a different suggestion anything that could help the homeless. Every day somebody becomes homeless and I never thought about it and I don't think other people have that could be you .

Some people become homeless because there families don't want them or they die so they have to go to foster care and when there 18 they age out so they don't have money and can't get a job because They never went to college so they can't buy a house. Another way to become homeless is because the person did something wrong or they are peer pressured into doing something wrong. Every cent counts for a homeless person or a poor person so if each person donated a cent to every homeless person they saw that needed help maybe everybody would have a home. There is an organization called a sense of home but you can only do that if you have a home and what if somebody doesn't it is no use to them. Hopefully we can decrease the amount of homeless people we have in our country and make sure everybody has a home or a almost everybody has one.