Gabe L. California

An 80's Thing

Police brutality has been going on since the 80's and nothing has been done

Dear Future President,

Police brutality has been an issue since the 1980's and still nothing has been done. Even when cops were on trial for beating Rodney King out of the 4 officers, not one was found guilty. This is contradicting because there was video evidence of the beating that King received. In 2001, the Department of Justice released a report on insight about police misconduct that year. They found that there were 4861 reports of police misconduct with 6613 cops involved. The cases resulted in the death of 6826 people in the U.S. alone.

In my opinion, police brutality is mainly focused on African Americans. In 2015, the police killed 102 unarmed African Americans, which is nearly twice each week. This number is likely higher due to police underreporting. Unarmed African Americans were killed 5x more often as unarmed white people. The police aren't really getting charged either, only 10 of the 102 cases of an unarmed African American being killed resulted in an officer being arrested.

This has been a big problem for a while. It's up to you Future President, are you going to deal with this problem or just sit back and let it continue?



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