Kella S.

The Art of Acceptance

LGBT+ is either where you agree, disagree, or you're indifferent. But how does the LGBT+ community feel when you don't agree?

Same sex marriage, without question, has existed since the dawn of time. But being accepted is another concept. Imagine loving someone, and in your eyes it’s not wrong, but if you love that person you’re disappointing everyone you thought supported you. What did you do wrong? Why do some people not want you to love the person you love, regardless of their sex? Why is it so hard to be accepted? Why can’t you be who you want to be, no matter what gender you are or who you identify as? This is what the LGBT+ community feels like. We all want to live freely, but some of us are restricted. Now, this doesn’t mean people aren’t kind or loving, because there is no doubt there are some very supporting families in the LGBT+ community; it just means we all need to feel accepted and cared for, not hurt because someone doesn’t agree with our lifestyle.

June 2003, LGBT+ was acknowledged the by Supreme Court, and protected by the Fourteenth amendment. Although each state has their own laws when it comes to same-sex marriage, Supreme Court ruled that is shouldn’t be discriminated against. Prior to the acceptance, same-sex marriage was banned in fourteen states, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Military. Statistics show that only about three percent of adults identify as LGBT+ in America, but today’s millennials are thought to be the “gayest of generations”. Personally, I beg to differ, because although many young kids have been open about not being straight, most millennials are accepting to the idea of gay, and wanting people to just live comfortably.

LGBT+ not being accepted is an all around the world issue, but why? LGBT+ is all about acceptance, which means we have to accept the fact that we won’t always have supporters. And we must love people who might not love us back, because we fought for love in the first place. Now to answer the ‘why’ question. Some people don't like the idea of change; the LGBT+ community changed the world by opening some eyes, but others forced theirs shut. Or religion; if some god doesn’t agree with this type of living, the worshipper might not either. Or if a person has a different political stance, they might not agree. Others just think it's weird; to have a man and a man or a woman and a woman, or a man wanting to be a woman, or vice versa.

Some parts of America are very open to societal changes, but other parts are stubborn and unwilling to budge. This creates an invisible line that no one really notices, but tears humans apart. Only some people would argue with their family, then lose them all to get their way, but others stay quiet, not wanting to cause chaos. This idea, though, works with both someone in favor with LGBT+ and someone against it. This is what needs to be fixed. The tension between us, just because someone doesn't agree or understand. It's not a person’s fault they believe a certain way, and it's not another person’s fault because they were born gay. We are all undeniably different, and that is what makes us such a diverse community. Do we really want to be known as two sides, not one conjoined union? America is already crazy; we don’t need to appear anymore insane.

How can I help? How can you help? How can we come together to make people feel loved? The answer is right there. Just to love one another. Sure, we’re odd in some ways and unalike in others, but we should all agree it's a great feeling to be accepted and loved. A few paragraphs back, I mentioned the fourteenth amendment. That amendment states that a person should not be discriminated against, and that was the Supreme Court's argument on why same-sex marriage should be legal. Mr. President, if you appoint a Supreme Court judge who is in favor of LGBT, this whole idea might be fixed. But Mr. President, it’s up to you. And for a second, put yourself in this place. You wanted to make your family and friends understand, but they couldn't grasp that idea. You might want them to change their perspective. So change your perspective.