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A little more cash can go a long way.

The low minimum wage is hurting families that live in poverty.

Dear Future President,

Minimum wage is a problem in this country, especially in California where it’s expensive to live. There are families where parents are still getting paid at a minimum wage and live in poverty. A lot of people struggle to get by day to day. An increase in the minimum wage would greatly boost people financially, which will help them live a better life. This could even boost their financial status or socioeconomic status.

According to the Washington Post, about 60% of Americans are living with a “minimum” wage slightly higher than the federal wage at $11.50. I believe it is time for the United States to raise its minimum wage. I believe you as President can change this by implementing a nationwide minimum wage of at least $15.

If workers are paid more, they would have pocket money to pay for goods and services that they would otherwise be unable to purchase, leading to the opening of more job opportunities for others.

A little more cash can go a long way. It may take a while for the minimum wage to reach the fifteen dollars per hour. By the time it does, some families that live in poverty will be even worse off than before, many barely able to afford a house in California. So please, future President, will you increase the minimum wage to $15, and help the families whose parents struggle day by day to feed their children because they get paid minimum wage?



Santa Clara High School

Flowers ERWC Period 5

This group is for seniors in Ms. Flowers' 5th period ERWC class.

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