KiMyia Y. Mississippi

Lower College Tuition and Raise Minimum Wage

In my letter, I will be discussing the importance of lowering college tuition and increasing minimum wage federally and within states. I believe that universities should get equal amount of government funding nation wide.

November 7, 2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter to address a few issues that I think you, as the future president, can change. The issues that I will be discussing in this letter will be college tuition and minimum wage. First, I would like to talk about college tuition. In my opinion, I think college tuition should be lowered. Some parents cannot afford college tuition because some schools are extremely expensive. Some students have student loans so they are able to get money to go to school, but one day they are going to have to pay those loans back. Some students are not fortunate to pay student loans back. In my opinion, I think all universities should receive equal amount of funds from the government that goes towards every student's tuition. There should be a set amount at every university that each student has to pay.

Next, I would like to talk about minimum wage. The federal minimum wage is extremely low and I think it should be raised. Some parents are only fortunate enough to work at a job that pay minimum wage. Like Mississippi, the minimum wage is $7.25 and that is not enough for parents to take care of their families. If the federal minimum was set at $10.00 and an individual works 8 hours a day, they will get paid $80.00 at the least and if they work 40 hours a week, the least they would get paid is $400.00. Since I am from Mississippi and I have a job that pays $7.25 an hour, I know for a fact that the minimum wage is extremely low. If the federal minimum wage is increased, then I know that the minimum wage in Mississippi will soon increase.

In conclusion, college tuition and minimum wage is a really big issue to me that definitely needs to be recognized. I think that you, as the future president, can make the changes. I know that by you going into office, you have a great deal of plans in store for the United States. I just hope that you really take a look at the two issues I discussed and possibly change them. Thanking you in advance!

Sincerely yours,

Senior at The Piney Woods School