Kaitlyn S. Indiana

Police Brutality and Racism in the United States

My letter is about how African-Americans are treated different throughout the law system.

October 27, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidate,

I think we need to work together to stop racism in the United States. Nobody deserves to be bullied because of the color or their race. One specific part of racism that’s really affecting us as a country is police brutality. Over 70% of police attacks are against African-Americans. This topic is important to me because I am half African-American and I don’t think my family or myself should be treated different.

Now, in 2012, a young black man named Trayvon Martin was shot dead by George Zimmerman, who was proven not guilty. Witnesses’ claims of what happened: “Selma Mora Lamilla and Mary Cutcher said they ran to their back porch after hearing “whining” and a gunshot. Where they saw Mr. Zimmerman on top with his knees straddling Trayvon. Ms. Cutcher went inside to call 911 and returned to find Mr. Zimmerman pacing.” Some people may disagree with me because “George Zimmerman said that he lost sight of Trayvon and was returning to his S.U.V. when the teen approached him from behind. Mr. Zimmerman said the two exchanged words before Trayvon punched him to the ground, then repeatedly slammed his head into the sidewalk in the moments leading up the shooting. When police arrived on the scene, he told officers that he had cried out for help but no one had come to help.” I believe this statement is untrue and mine is correct because Zimmerman changed his story multiple times.

All in all, I think the law that should be passed is that both the prosecutor and defendant should have equal lawyers. I think when police officers get taken to court for what they have done, often they get a better lawyer to defend them because of where they stand in the totem pole of life. I will get this bill passed by the House of Representatives by starting a petition and getting the required amount of signatures needed to get it to the president. I’m going to get the bill passed by the Senate by getting ⅔ of their vote. I will then have the president agree to sign my bill to pass it as a law.

In conclusion, this topic is especially important to me because I am half African-American. I am proposing the law of equal lawyers to each the prosecutor and the defendant. I want to pass this law because in some cases the police officers get a better lawyer because of power and money. This law will make it so it’s both fair and gives both sides a chance to win the case. I will get this law passed by getting my bill lots of votes, starting petitions, and getting the president to sign. The next president should sign this bill because it will help shut down racism and police brutality in the United States.




8th grade

Towles New Tech

Fort Wayne, Indiana