Elijah M. Mississippi


College Tuition

Dear President,

 I wanted to inform you on a couple topics that you’ve probably heard in the past. You probably get tired of hearing the same thing over and over, but I feel like they should be brought up with more detail, and from a high school student's perspective. A main issue that high school students tend to worry about is college. The frequent question is, “ How are we going to afford college”? Us students who want to attend college, will most likely be in debt after college. At the income I am receiving now, it looks like I will be in debt. I am asking if there is any way you could help us by making college more affordable for every female and male student, no matter what their race is. College is a door to financial security, without college, it will be hard for a human being to get a substantial job. Speaking on jobs, the economy needs more jobs for the people. A lot of college students who graduate college and look for a job aren’t always given a job. If there aren’t enough jobs for students, what is the purpose of people going to college for? College is a way to prove to businesses that you are educated and would be the person to get the job done. Some families are poor and rely on their kids who went to college help them financially. The job rate is so low, citizens from the U.S go overseas to find good jobs to support their families. These are the two issues I feel like should be looked at, so us people will have better lives. More job opportunities will result in less homeless people. I don’t know about everybody else but I know I hate seeing homeless people in our country. At only being 17, I feel like the country is not as good as it should be, and I if was in a position that had as much power as you did. I would give my best effort to try and solve these problems.