Myeasha E. Mississippi

Effects of Poverty‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

This is how poverty affects people.

Dear Future President,

       If the president that suppose to be elected on November 8 could increase the poverty level because they are trying to cut out food stamps and many people need that.To solve this crisis, being a single parent and have no help around the house you should increase the food stamps.

Poverty means state of being extremely poor , not having nothing. The president could limit the amount of food stamps just a little if the parents have 2 or more parents in one house. 

   One problem caused by poverty could be not having money for food. The number of people that go hungry is over 300 million people in America. That's about one in nine on earth. When people go hungry and have nothing to eat they can be in deep depression.🙁 

   Second reason is caused by not being able to survive such as not having no food , clothing or shelter. That all leads back to not having money.

    Whoever is elected on November 8 could pass a law that allows a single parent to have an increase in food stamps and a decrease in food stamps if their are more than one parent in the house.