Quamesha G. Mississippi

College Tuition

Lower the cost of college.

Dear Future President,

I wrote this letter to talk about the cost of college. The cost of college can be extremely expensive today. Most people do not come from money and that is why some of them do not attend colleges now. The other people are given money right when they are born and can easily pay for college just like that. Then the other people may be given a scholarship in order to help them pay for college, books, and other things of that nature. I would really like to experience college, go out into the real world, and become more successful. However, I don’t think I can just because of the money problem. Money can be really hard especially when you go to school and then live on your school campus. How are you going to get a job and make money? I’m not saying just drop the whole cost of college but maybe just drop it in order so that they can pay for something. Then maybe you would have more students attending college.

Sincerely Yours,