Jan Pennsylvania


The letter is about a dynamical changes in law and your role as the President

Dear President,

It’s nice that I have an opportunity to write a letter addressed to you.

The topic that I want to move is abortion, and dynamical changes in law, but about your role too. First let my introduce myself. My name is Jan. I am from Poland. I came to USA like 3 weeks ago, I’m in 11th grade at Upper Merion Area High School, Pennsylvania.

The point that I’m writing about includes my previous situation in Poland, and my own view on government of Poland. In the first day of October our government, which has a particular majority, decided to change a law about abortion in Poland. They wanted to create a law, which prohibits all the abortion, never mind it would be a rape, a child would be born with a down syndrome or born and die in pain. All situations would be prohibited if this law could just be gave for voting, even if majority of society do not agree with it.

This decision of creating new part of law had horrible results. Planned dynamical changes moved a lot of people in Poland to riot and strike.

In the first October’s Monday, about 98,000 people (source:wp.pl) took a part with black march which was in response to the government’s decisions.

That is the clue that I am writing about.

Every new government, every new president, and even every new host in home has his own ideas, his own vision of future of country, world and home.

Indeed like a someone clever said:

“The new ideas are not better that the old ones. They are winning only because supporters of old ones die”

There is no any problem with the new view on the future, if only this view is accorded to the will of society.

We are living in democracy, and we chose you, Dear President in a democratic way.

But what does it mean? It means not only thing that people trust you, and should not control all.

You represent us, and our will.

The sense of democracy is not that every four years we are choosing another one dictator.

Every four years we are choosing representation of our will who is trusted.

That is why I am writing to you. I am writing not for changing law in this way that I am dreaming, or teach you and your establishment about something, because how 17 years old boy even could?

But I am trying to tell you one thing that you probably will not get from your environment.

And the cause is not because they do not know as many things as I, I am sure they are more clever. But you and your establishment does not have one thing, that the grey and very average boy has.

This is advice from the average view.

Do not lose your head Dear President. Do not lose your head in the world of authority, fame and money.

All the riots have a cause because guys in government are isolated from the grey and average society. They are losing true vision of the world, and country, and they forget why they are sitting on their chair. To serve, not to rule.

Greetings, good luck, Jan.