Katelynn A. California


That there are too high taxes or payment.

Dear future president,

My name is katelynn alquetra, and i live in the U.S., san jose. I am writing you about America is having over price things and i believe that we can change part of the price on some items. When you are president, i hope that you will help Americans by doing is changing prices on items. In my experience, is i saw someone buying something at the store and when that person was buying her stuff she couldn’t afford everything so she actually bought most of her things.

Tax is important issue in America because some of the tax is to high for some people to pay. I believe that tax should go down for a bit because people are paying weekly on their tax cause they don’t have enough to pay all. According to people that pays taxes, it can be said that taxes are too high for people to pay. Paying for things we need to stay alive demonstrate that tax is too much but us buying things for the family. Based on research that people are paying too much for tax but not for food or anything for the family draws attention to the fact that taxes should go down and prices on items in the store.

In conclusion, that we don’t have enough of money to pay for tax or for stuff for the family to live. When you are president, i hope that you will support the laws that will keep people safe and the world a better place for people to live. I also hope that you will change taxes or the price on items or by changing both of it. It would really help.


Katelynn alquetra