Milca V. California


Why are Americans trying to kick out immigrants?

  Dear Future President,

I believe immigration is important to me, because families are being separated just for a piece of paper that can be burned or torn. I want you to make a better immigration law for everyone who crosses over. Throwing families out of the state destroys our future. There are 11.7 million immigrants in the U.S. If you are asking why immigrants our are future ? then here is your answer. “According to the small business administration ,immigrants are 30% more likely to start a business in the United States than non-immigrants’’(Esmeralda).If immigrants keep coming and start businesses that will raise wages.So as a result, immigrants help Americans with raising their wages and helping them with job opportunities. Here are some different ways why immigrants are our future,”The businesses will stay open because the Mexicans know how to keep working at a job longer than Americans can’’(Kathryn). Immigrants help Americans with jobs and running businesses. So why are  people trying to kick them out. Americans in this country are saying we’re stealing their jobs but in reality, immigrants are only taking the jobs that they don't want.

Immigrants of any race helps this country. Why? Because when immigrants bring their food or skills to America that also helps us. When you’re driving and come across a taco shop ,chinese buffets or restaurants that does not definitely come from America that comes from other countries . And people who traveled here opened these places. Which now everybody loves, but they don't like how people are coming here from other countries. How can someone like a culture but not like the people from the culture, that just doesn't seem right.America is a nation full of immigrants. In the 1990s white people were from England, but they came to the United States to rule separately. So even white people are immigrants .The only true purely Americans are Native -Americans. So why are they trying to kick out immigrants when there immigrants too? And look how selfish white people are they want the United States to be only for themselves, and look how very quickly they all forgot that they are all immigrants, how selfish. America is made up of immigrants.

I want you to understand why immigrants come to the United States. Just because a person is a criminal, a drug lord, rapist, or human trafficker in a country doesn’t mean the whole country is the same. I want all illegal immigrants and immigrants to be in this country legally because ,like I argued before, The United States is made up of immigrants from all over the world. We all should have the right to decide who stays and who leaves. I want illegal immigrants to not worry about being deported because at some everybody needs to understand that true Americans are Native-Americans . “According to U.S immigration and Customs Enforcement Records, 72,410 individuals deported in 2013 said they had one or more U.S born children of those,39,410 were deported in the first half of the calendar year 2013 and the remaining 33,000 in the second half.In other words, in one year alone, many thousands of U.S-citizen kids were separated from at least one parent’’. I believe that if you have U.S born children both parents should be allowed to stay and get their U.S citizenship papers to stay here legally .

If the president continues to deport innocent immigrants that is going to keep America down. All sorts of immigrants give other people jobs because they start jobs and businesses. So therefore they raise wages. What I really want for all immigrants is to be safe in this country with papers. A Possible solution are kicking out immigrants who are criminals, rapists, drug lords, drug trafficker s,and human trafficking because those are examples of people we don't want in the U.S. We all want to be safe, so help make the system better.


Milca Valderrama Reyes 

Health Science Middle School

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