Andrew California

Concerns About the Death Penalty

Death penalty is inhumane.

Dear Next President,

Congratulations on winning the election for one of the most important jobs in the world. My main concern for the country is the death penalty. Right now, 18 states allow the death penalty. In 2010, about 110 death penalties were issued, which is better than a few years ago, meaning that the death penalty is being slowed down, but not stopping . Most of the death penalties were issued usually for killing just a few people, which should be punishable with a life sentence, not the death penalty. I personally think that the death penalty should be allowed, but only in a very specific and extreme situation. First, we have to consider if this person is a danger to himself and others. If this is an insane person who might randomly kill someone out of nowhere, we might have to kill him for the safety of others. We also have to take into account if this person has a huge killing streak.Recently, someone was killed for just killing three people. If he were to kill one or two or three people, it would be rude to punish someone killing someone else by killing them, because that would be uncivilized, so 20 or more deaths should be enough for the death penalty. There is also the religious aspect of the topic. If you kill someone, they might get punished in the afterlife. These things should all be taken into consideration when the death penalty is brought up.

I am looking for in a leader someone who is smart and comes up with rational and well thought through compromises for problems. I think the president should be truthful and not lie to the public unless absolutely necessary. The president should think hard about who benefits and who is left out from what decisions they make. I think that the president should be dedicated to serving our country well, not just serving our country.

Thank you for serving our country!