Caden Oregon

Immigration ☮

We're all immigrants and we should treat innocent people with respect!

Dear Future President,

Immigration is the biggest issue in todays world and effects everybody. People might have to move, because they came from another country that put them in danger. What's the difference between the Europeans immigrating and the modern day immigrants. It's really just mind boggling. The Europeans gave diseases and killed off the Native Americans. 

Almost all immigrants don't pose a threat. Yes some immigrants cause crime, but what's the difference between white crime.  Border control is key, but we shouldn't kick innocent people out of the country. The facts say that the USA lost 140,000 immigrants between 2009 through 2014. By the year 2050, 793322 immigrants will be lost if that pace keeps up. We don't need to kick people out, they'll work it out. 

Immigrants are charged for 23% of crime rates. We need to change the 77% of non-immigrant crime. Many people say that locking the criminal up does something, but as you can see it's not working. We need to have programs that teach's them how to find a job. How to get government funding services. You need to help them and punish them. This idea can be used for immigrants too. Have classes that teach them English, the laws, and how to find jobs.     


Kennedy Middle School

Henderson Period 3 Social Studies

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