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Letter to the next President


I am a senior in highschool and I want to know more about what you are going to do to stop illegal immigrant from coming into this country. Immigrants are taking more and more jobs from American Citizens which is causing American citizens to not have jobs. There needs to be a better way to lower the number of Immigrants coming into America. Did you know that almost one million illegal immigrants are coming into this country every year? This could be lowered by a lot just in one term. There needs to be a non expensive way to stop this.

There has to be a better way to deal with the terrorism that is happening around the world. U.S. soldiers are risking their lives and dying trying to fight terrorism and there needs to be a better way. Bombing other countries is not a solution we should go to because that will only backfire on us. We either need to let other countries fight their own wars and pull our troops out or go all out and get rid of ISIS.

What are you going to do about taxes. In the system we have now the rich be richer and the poor people don’t go anywhere. I think this is the wrong way to look at taxes because if you make more money I think you should be taxed a little bit more than the people who make just enough money to live off of.