Alina O.

Future President Characteristics

Americans need someone that can be an amazing leader that everyone looks up to.

Dear Future President,

The United States is an amazing place that deserves to be taken care of. It deserves someone that is responsible, intelligent, and helps all of those in need. Someone who will see everyone with equality and treat them with respect. This person must do whatever possible to help all in need. He or she must plan for the future of the country. A good president is someone who follows whatever they believe in. This person must be honest, passionate, respectful, confident, and careful. They must also be compassionate, engaged, collaborative, and fearless. The next president must be creative, always have a positive attitude, inspire others, and they must always have a competitive spirit and be driven to win. Most importantly they must be a natural leader.That is a perfect description of the perfect president. We might never find someone with this exact description, but there must be someone that can at least be close.