Kelvin California


America's immigration system needs to be less harsh to undocumented immigrants and give them a chance in society.

To the Future President,

I advise that you address the problem with America’s current immigration system. It is currently grim and it should be fine-tuned to perfection to the point where families that are undocumented should not fear everyday for a piece of paper that will ruin their family and dreams. Around eleven million undocumented immigrants migrate to the US each year. For all we know, these people could be our future police force, nurses, doctors, engineers, and etc. Why deprive them of achieving these goals and deport them back to their birthplace? People immigrating to the states are here to live a better life and to be able to provide for their family. This is the only place they considered stable enough so that they can achieve these things, so then why should we deny oneself of the same right to live in this nation. Many people believe that immigrants are here with the intent of crumbling our economy. 

The United States, as a stage 4 country on the demographic transition, needs immigrants as labor workers since our main source of money nowadays come from service businesses, not factories and things of this sort. Although immigrants are coming to the states undocumented and illegally, it gives us no right as a nation to discriminate them for their origin. The media may portray these immigrants as violent and harmful to society, but that is only a small percentage of the immigrant population. How is one suppose to fulfill these dreams when the restrictions with the immigration system is so harsh? These immigrants are just like us, they breathe, they eat, they do all the same things we do. They are just as human as you and I are. I beg of you to rethink about the immigration system for all it takes is a single piece of paper to tear a family apart. We must take action and change this right away for the sake of our future.