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Alternative Energy

We need to switch to renewable sources of energy if we want to survive, and thrive, in 2050 and beyond.

Dear Future President,

The United States needs to switch to renewable sources of energy if we want to survive, and thrive, in 2050 and beyond. In an article by Alan Davison, two of the world’s biggest oil companies, British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell, stated that we need ⅓ of our energy sources to run on renewable sources by 2050 in order to survive. The fact that oil companies, who will lose money if renewable sources are used, said this must mean that their statement is true. Fossil fuels are currently abundant in the U.S., but they are nonrenewable so we’ll eventually run out. In other words,we need changes or we will eventually be in grave danger. A Time article by Bryan Walsh stated that right now only 12% of our energy comes from renewable sources. This means that we will almost have to triple the amount of energy from renewable sources by 2050.

The Time article also says that the desert of the American Southwest has great solar thermal potential, “by one estimate a single, massive plant 100 miles on each side could supply enough electricity for the entire country.” Setting up a plant in the desert is a great plan and doing this will be a huge step in America’s quest to run on almost all renewable energy. However, solar power isn’t the only type of energy that can be used. Some others are wind power, hydro power, geothermal, and biomass. Windmills can be installed in large, open areas that aren’t being used. We also have plenty of plants, so biomass is an ideal source of clean energy as well. (If you are not aware, biomass is a fuel made from natural organisms, usually plants). Now you may say that all this is very expensive  , but it’s worth it to spend a couple more billion dollars, and not out of your pocket, to save humankind.

This issue is important to me personally and other kids because we’ll be the ones that live in the environment for the rest of our lives, so we need to ensure that the world is a clean place in the future. You need to think of alternative energy sources like this: in order for your children and their children to survive and have a safe and happy future. you need to start to make progress by increasing the renewable energy in the United States today.

President, please listen to this letter and don’t just be one of those presidents who say they’ll make the environment better, but don’t really do much at all. Think of all the fame you’ll get if you switch America to mostly renewable energy. Maybe you’ll even eventually be carved on Mount Rushmore! Well maybe not that. But the point is, if you protect the environment, you’ll be a legend.

I hope you will take this advice.  If you do, you will truly make America great again.

Thank you for addressing and solving our country's issues,

Krish G.


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NYC Lab Middle School

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