william c. Ohio

Climate Change

Climate Change has put us in warmer winters and less snow but donโ€™t think this as good.

Dear Future President:

Climate change has done a lot of harm to all of us like polar bears. Polar bears have had to move south because of the ice caps melting, because of this, they are in a war against grizzlies for food. This is one example of what climate change has to effect the world.

My argument is people are the main reason for this drastic change is weather etc. But this is a topic where you do not need to avoid is according to NASA, greenhouse gases are warming up our atmosphere and are causing ice caps to melt this is the bad part this means that we will have an increase of water on the shore line. According to ProCon.org, is that the atmospheric rise on CO2 is the highest ever and that fact that we putting more of it out every sec. of our life it will keep rising until something happens.

Well according to EPA.org temperature on earth has increased 1.4 degrees since the 20th century. According to ProCon.org Since at least 1859 scientist have known about greenhouse effect. In 1977 scientist have concluded that burning fossil fuels have increased CO2 in the atmosphere which caused a rise in global temperature.

What I want you to do is to try to put a law in that states that you have to pay money for how much you pollute. This way there is less people trying to pollute and that way the climate will change for the best.But the other thing is that there should be tax that is added that way we can clean the atmosphere and other types of pollution.


William Cannon Jr.

Source of information:

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