Adrian California

Letter To Mr.Donald J. Trump

This letter was written in Mr. Leeper's Ethnic Studies class at Aptos Middle School in San Francisco, CA. We are writing to express our feelings and opinions about President elect Donald Trump and the issues that are important to us.

45th President of the united states

Dear Donald Trump , my name is Adrian Jimenez Monroy ,  I was born in a hospital, In San Francisco California. I am 13, ½ years old, I have lived in the land of the “free” for my entire life. I have visited many places around the world as a tourist. I go to a great school called Aptos Middle School. The future job I have choose to work in Is astronomy, or an Architect manager. I enjoy studying about the Universe we live in, and would like to learn, and work with the exploration of our universe. I know there is planets in which contain life, and I would enjoy bringing the human species to these habitable planets. In the second idea of my future job is architecture. I believe the human population is growing, so I will try on creating buildings in which many people can comfortably live in the buildings I Will plan to create.

America Is somewhat mad at you Mr.Trump. The people are mad due to the fact that you said many racist, offensive words to genders, the Ethnicity, and race of people around the world. Because of the words you said, Hate towards you is happening all around America. An issue My family has not mostly about you but your followers. I believe that It would be much more dangerous for us to travel around America. It would cause discrimination against us, and cause harm. America is supposed to be a nation of different cultures, race,Ethnicity because Before the colonists arrived in America, there was already people in America, Native Americans were one of the first people in the America’s, they originated from Asia, and they were not from the white culture, the first people were the Vikings, they arrived much earlier, Mexico/ Aztecs , also lived in California, before the white culture arrived. Much of this information is what your followers don’t understand, they believe the White culture was the first race to arrive to the America’s. In some decisions you should think about is on the wall. You have to think before you speak, Mexico already said many times that they will not pay 10 billion dollars for a 1,989 mile border. I agree with some of your thinking about the wall, If you want a wall, you have to pay for it (America). There are many undocumented Latinos in America and they are not stealing the jobs Americans think they are. Most of the Latinos get jobs in which most American people don’t want, for example working in the fields. I also hope you make changes with America, in which won’t affect any culture.

As you say “ The American dream is dead, and I will bring back the American Dream” Well Mr. Trump I hope you do, but for everyone, I understand this is going to be hard, due to the fact of the minimum wage is about 11 to 15 dollars an hour, This will make it hard for people to have the American wage. I really hope you change many things in America, that are going bad, such as violence in America. There are many issues in  America, but people don't realize what Is mostly affecting America, The whole entire Earth, in which we call Mother Earth. As my belief I think that this major cause is Global Warming. I understand people don't believe it for example you, because just going to cold places in winter does not mean that Global Warming isn't real. I also understand that people need to see it with they're own human eyes to believe it. This is the biggest issue towards Earth, and If we don't stop It will cause human kind to vanish with life in Earth. None of these things will not matter at all due to the fact that there will not be a  Earth at all, no Life at all. You have to understand that we are killing ourself every year. I really hope you make America realize what is really happening to our Earth. There are other things that are a big issue to the World, including America and that is Overpopulation. I hope you change your way of thinking so you can really Make America Great Again. This has been a pleasure writing you this letter Mr. Donald Trump.


Adrian Jimenez Monroy

Aptos Middle School

Ethnic Studies @ Aptos Middle School

After the presidential election students in my Ethnic Studies classes were teeming with emotions, questions, and responses. I decided that Letters to the Next President was a great forum for them to be able to emote, pose those questions, and tell Donald J. Trump the kind of president they want him to be.

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