Alec California

Letter to Donald J. Trump

This letter was written in Mr. Leeper's Ethnic Studies class at Aptos Middle School in San Francisco, California. We are writing to express our feelings and opinions about President Elect Donald Trump and the issues that are important to us.

My name is Alec Chen and I am a student at Aptos Middle School in San Francisco, California. I am in 8th grade and I'm writing to you from my Ethnic Studies class. This class was formerly known as Social Studies. I have lived here in San Francisco since I was born. After I graduate high school, I want to study things that are related to outer space. My hobbies outside of school are playing video games and playing outside with my friends. 

One important issue that I care about and want to be fixed is Immigration Reform because in the U.S., there are millions of undocumented workers. People shouldn't be allowed to just simply come and live in the U.S.. It isn't fair for those who actually wait to be able to come to the U.S. legally. If there are so many undocumented workers, it would be bad for the economy because salaries are more likely to fall. Undocumented workers are fighting for jobs and are willing to have lower wages in order to live in the shadows. This would make it harder for a U.S. citizen to find a job because they would want to have higher wages in order to pay all their bills and be able to live normally in the U.S.. 

Another issue that I'm concerned about is Education Reform because the education system in the U.S. is failing. In some places, schools are closing and that is bad for the kids who live in that community. Some schools are also overcrowded and that is bad because the smaller the class, the better since the teacher can know the students better and help them more. If the class is too crowded, then the teacher can't help every kid and it can make it tougher for kids to succeed. Additionally, gifted or honors classes are lacking diversity. In some states, there has been a decrease in funding for pubic k-12 schools.

To fix our Immigration Reform, we can increase our border security so that people can't just cross the border. Another way is to make it illegal for people to hire undocumented workers so that it would make them want to go back to their original country. If people are caught hiring undocumented workers, they should be fined or punished in some way. To fix our Education Reform, we can encourage anyone to attempt to be in gifted or honors classes. We also need to have more fundings to k-12 public schools because it is important for kids to have a good education. We should also not allow public schools to lose down unless there is barely anyone there. And in crowded places, there should be more public schools so that it isn't so crowded. 

Aptos Middle School

Ethnic Studies @ Aptos Middle School

After the presidential election students in my Ethnic Studies classes were teeming with emotions, questions, and responses. I decided that Letters to the Next President was a great forum for them to be able to emote, pose those questions, and tell Donald J. Trump the kind of president they want him to be.

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