Ladizlao R. California

A Better Pay for our Heroes

The inequitable payments for people who are saving lives, helping others in need, who are getting paid less than jobs such as playing in a sport.

Dear, President 

             I understand the meaning of the different jobs, different responsibilities, and specific payments but do you think it's fair for jobs like doctors, firefighters, veterans, police, etc to get paid less than a simple job like playing a sport? Doctors, firefighters, police, and more day-to-day have the necessity to help others in need, save people, rescue people, and not only that but to risk their own lives for others in need. Without them who would be there for the ones in need? 

            Although I have been playing baseball for the past 10 years, and grew up watching MLB, I have always wondered why baseball or any well known sports on t.v. have been more important, and more known to the whole world even though they are on t.v.. In other words why are they getting paid more? Is it just because they're well known for and on t.v.?

          In other words, jobs like playing in the MLB, NFL, NHL, etc are today getting paid to a minimum of 1 to 3 million a year. To be exact MLB player get paid on an average of "1.35 million" stated by Tom Greener, NFL players get paid on an average of the "minimum salary of 435,000" as said by Tom Gerencer , along with the NHL which gets paid to a "minimum of 550,000 per year" said by Francois Laplante. Jobs that deal helping the ones in need, in the the other hand are getting paid on an average of 50,000 to 300,000 a a year. To be exact doctors get paid from "195,000 to 370,000" as said the American Medical Association, Firefighters get paid on an average of "47,720" as said by Aurelio Tocsin, studio D, Police are on an average getting paid up to "56,260, or $27.05 an hour" said by Forest Time, studioD. Do you believe that playing a sport is more important than saving lives?

          In my opinion, I believe that people who are woking harder than a job like playing in a sport should be getting paid on a highly wage per year. These people involve the following, doctors, police, etc, who are putting in the effort by studying and becoming successful and not only that but by putting in their lives by taking risks for others. Not only are they risking their own lives and taking risks, but taking risks for their family, friends, and/or relatives.