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letter to president

This is about me expressing my feeling about the elction

Dear, Donald Trump

I’m Abby Li and I come from San Francisco.I’m doing this because my teacher told us to do and i want to say is don’t make America bad. I mean i don’t want to leave America.

I'm suggest you stop terrorism I mean if let them be free your people will die and if your people die America will be corrupted.There the longer this goes the more corruption and the higher chance of everyone dying.The more people in the country is dead the more I want you dead.The reason why you should dead if people die is because your the president and you should protect the people of the country.As president should put your people before you.Thousands of lives is more important than one life.

Another thing is that don’t make global warming worst. I mean don’t kill animals because if animal keep dying the food chain gets worst and one point in life we will be eating artifice stuff and we will die sooner.

In, other words stop terrorism and don’t make global warming worst.Don’t make america bad

From, Abby Li

Aptos Middle School

Ethnic Studies @ Aptos Middle School

After the presidential election students in my Ethnic Studies classes were teeming with emotions, questions, and responses. I decided that Letters to the Next President was a great forum for them to be able to emote, pose those questions, and tell Donald J. Trump the kind of president they want him to be.

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