Alexander G. California

Letter to Donald J. Trump

This letter was written in Mr.Leeper's Ethnic Studies class at Aptos Middle school in San Francisco,CA.We are writing to express our feelings and opinions about President Elect Onald Trump and the issues that are important to us.

Dear Mr. Trump My name is Alexander Gomez i was born in San Francisco,California.My family is from Mexico.I go to Aptos Middle school and i'm in Mr.Leepers class 6 period.My future aspirations is to graduate from college and become a Automotive Engineer.                                                                                                              I don't thinks its fair for you to be saying that Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers i know a lot of Mexicans that are not drug dealers of rapist they are just hard working people that come to this country for a better life or as a chance to help there families that are very poor.Most of the people that pick food in the field are hard working undocumented Mexicans all they are doing is picking are crops thats helping american.You never see a white person out there on the field picking crops they never want to do the dirty work they leave it to the undocumented immigrants.These farm workers get paid like 4 dollars an hour and they live in little huts.Every day they are exposed to pesticides even there children have to work for them to make a living.White people never want to do this job they leave it to the the undocumented immigrants.All these white people that own the farms take advantage of these undocumented immigrants by paying them 4 dollars an hour and expect them to do back breaking work.

If you want people to like you then you need to stop all the racist things that your saying and apologize to all the people that you offended which is Mexicans,Blacks,and Women.                                                       From                                                                                                                                                                                       Alexander Gomez

Aptos Middle School

Ethnic Studies @ Aptos Middle School

After the presidential election students in my Ethnic Studies classes were teeming with emotions, questions, and responses. I decided that Letters to the Next President was a great forum for them to be able to emote, pose those questions, and tell Donald J. Trump the kind of president they want him to be.

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