Andres California

Letter to Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump should rethink what he said in the past because people don't like what he said and they are mad.

Dear Donald Trump,

I am Andres, I go to Aptos Middle School in San Francisco, California. I was Born here in San Francisco but my parents come from Mexico. I want to Graduate High School and become a successful person. I want to have a good job in the future and I want to make my parents feel proud of me.

One issue I want to discuss about is the Immigration reform. My parents are immigrants and I am worried that something will happen to them. I respect your opinions but I dont think they are the best. For example in some of your speeches you called mexicans rapists, drug dealers, and other stuff. I hope you think it through and maybe not deport latinos because latinos and other immigrants make up a big part/population of the United States of America so if you deport them a lot of states will loose some of its population. If you deport latinos, families might get separated and they will be very sad because they lost their loved ones. You also have to think about how the people might feel about the changes you want to make. If you change something and you dont think about how people might feel or what people might think they might not like what you did.

Another issue I was concerned about was about the jobs and income inequality. All the jobs need to be fair to their workers. The jobs need to pay their workers fairly. In some jobs people dont make the same amount of money that other people make and that is not fair. Also the immigrants that come to the United States of America come here for a better opportunity and a better life style. They come here to work and get more money because they might have been poor where they came from, so they come here to live a better life and to earn more money. Some jobs dont pay the immigrants fairly because they are immigrants and that needs to change. I believe that every single person in this world should be paid fairly/ equally.

So I hope you rethink what you said and change because a lot of people are not happy on what you said in the past. I also hope you dont deport immigrants because being in this country is like their only hope on surviving because they come here to earn more money and live better. In all i hope you make changes on what you said before. One more thing, instead of making America great again why dont we make America better than before, better than all these years because if we do everyone that lives in the U.S can live happy and we can live all together without any problems to worry about because all these things make up a good Nation.

From, Andres

Aptos Middle School

Ethnic Studies @ Aptos Middle School

After the presidential election students in my Ethnic Studies classes were teeming with emotions, questions, and responses. I decided that Letters to the Next President was a great forum for them to be able to emote, pose those questions, and tell Donald J. Trump the kind of president they want him to be.

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