Samantha V. Wisconsin

College Tuition

You should consider decreasing the college tuition for students who want to attend college.

Dear Future President,

College tuition is one of the many challenges students face today. In-state tuition averages around $9,410 while out-of-state averages around to $23,893. These numbers are only averages, imagine trying to attend some of the best colleges out there, the tuition will only get higher.  Just a small decrease to the tuition, these students will be able to finance the classes they want to take for their future careers. Not many people are fulfilled with their lives because they simply couldn't afford to go to college. It's also one of the biggest regrets adults have till now. Most of the time when students are able to afford it about 30% of the students dropout on their first year, which makes it a waste of money and hard work to earn. Not only that, an article from Borderzine states that about 80% of the students change their majors three times during their college careers. Why make students pay for something at an unnecessary price when there is a little chance that that'll be something they'll want to do for the rest of their lives? 

Most of the time, students apply for student loans just to be able go to college. Student loans are very helpful when it comes to paying for the tuition, but repaying them back can be very frustrating. It will take about 20 years to fully pay back student loans after finishing your bachelor's degree. Now imagine having to switch majors, it'll increase to the amount you already have to owe. After your college career you'll be practically paying back the loans for the rest of your life. The reason why we want to learn is so we can achieve better goals and to become a better world. Consider on decreasing the tuition for colleges, it will benefit your future generations for the better. 

One of your many citizens of the United States,