Miranda California

Cost of College

As the price of going to college keeps rising, more and more students are getting left behind. College should be made affordable to everyone.

Dear Future President,

As a junior in high school, I’m becoming increasingly concerned with the price of going to college. Because the amount of time I have to decide where I want to attend school is getting shorter and shorter, the topic of tuition is becoming a bigger problem for me and my family by the minute. I’ve always been interested in going to college and getting a higher education, and my parents have been pushing me towards this goal since I started school. Like many students across the country, I want to build the best life for myself, and the gateway to that is college. Unfortunately, there are a lot of students who won’t be able to live out this dream because of the cost. Families with a lower income often struggle to send their children to college, and I believe this is a huge problem. Most jobs in America require some kind of degree, which can become a problem if students don’t have the necessary resources to attain one. College should be made affordable to everyone, because everyone deserves a chance to be successful in whatever profession they wish to pursue.

Going to college is a privilege, but should not be made so expensive that it limits students.