Omer T. Illinois

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College Tuition is too high and prevents high school students from being successful in life and becoming important people.

Dear President,

A problem in the United States that concerns everyone going into college or that will go to college is the tuition price. College tuition is too high and is still rising. The high prices will lead to a less educated future and there will be a higher demand for doctors and teachers. Without doctors to help the sick and without teachers to teach the next generation, the United States will be chaotic.

Future professionals won’t actually become professionals because they will not be able to afford college. College has always been a fear for me. Going to the best one for me and having to grow up seem hard, but paying the college tuition has always sounded impossible. It probably is for a lot of other people too. Yes, professors need to be paid, but their wages can be cut for the sake of the future.

I am writing this letter because I feel only the President can fix this problem, and if they can’t, no one can. America will be a place where only if you have money, you can survive. The college tuition prices will cause America to go back in time, where only the rich could afford education and medicine. This problem needs to be fixed before there aren’t many doctors or teachers left, causing the value of medicine and education to increase. But which would you rather have? THe ability to make money or an education and medicine?

East Prairie

8th SS AM

8th SS AM

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