Julian B. Minnesota

Cost of College

Costs in Colleges should be lowered because it is leaving students drowning in loan and getting families in more and more debt every year.

Mr./Mrs. President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington D.C, Washington, 20500

Dear Mr. / Mrs. President:

Want to buy a house? Want to start a family? Well some people have a hard time with that...Most if not everyone goes to college and when they complete that journey of their life, then they have an enormous amount of debt on their shoulders. College debt is a serious problem and the next president needs to take action to fix this major problem for everyone. I feel that college tuition needs to be lowered to a reasonable amount because it’s rising faster than people’s income, the money from college debt is rising to a ridiculous point, and it's negatively impacting students futures.

Rising tuition costs are impacting students futures because of the availability of money they have. Since college tuition has been rising it has made families make tough decisions for their kids, and all parents want their kids to attend college to be successful. According to CampusRiot, “36% of students are starting businesses instead of pursuing college because of the impact it would have on their families and future” (1). I think that we need to address the problem to the public because if the public supports fixing this, then the president would make this a higher priority for himself. Some people could see how high college tuition is good because it helps with taxes and paying college professors and staff, however the small portion it helps is minimal to the large portion it impacts. At the end of the day, college tuition is negatively impacting students futures and needs to be lowered to a reasonable amount.

Student’s graduation should be a happy moment, not a sorrowful day of paying all their savings to a loan collection agent. When a student graduates they have a massive amount of debt on their shoulders. The loan they took at the beginning of their college is now even more because of interest which is making some hold off on a family, purchasing a home, and getting jobs. In the photo from Cagle, a mom said, “Which one is yours?” The man’s reply is, “All of them” (1). She was asking to the man which student is yours, and he says all of them. The agent means that all of their money is now going to be his. Others could see how loan collection agents just collect the payment, however if the president took action now instead of later, students could save money for their futures. I feel in the photo that the student loan agent was happily wanting to take the money from them. It shows how he is excited to get his hands on all that money from the graduates. Finally, tuition should be lowered because graduation day is about completing your education, not about paying away your savings.

The rise of tuition is rising at a much faster rate than the economy can keep up with, so it is taking more and more time every year that passes for students to pay off the loans. Every year that passes it takes more and more time for students to pay off debts because tuition is rising faster than the income they receive. This is creating a cycle that makes graduates pay more and more. According to CNBC, “Today, the median household needs to work for almost a year to pay the full sticker price” (2). This means that a family needs to pay 1 year worth of debts if their kid attends Harvard. I think that this is absurd because of the fact that 1 year is going to slow down students career because they are going to be focused only on this for a whole year.

Lastly, tuition prices are horrible because it’s rising faster than people’s income, the money from college debt is rising , and it's negatively impacting students futures. The president needs to address the issue to the public and help fix this problem that worsens year by year.


Julian B.