Destiny Morgan Florida


Dear Future President,

Abortion needs to be illegal. I think we need to stop killing humans just because we are hurt inside. What did the  unborn baby ever do to deserve death ? It is  not a babies fault that a woman is raped or a woman  thought they  could not handle a child in their life. America is known for helping  not not hurting children yet we allow women to abort innocent lives.  What would America look like if we  changed the Supreme Courts ruling which sides with Pro-choice.?  The best way to reduce the need for  abortions is to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and that ,most of the time, is the responsibility of the adults not the unborn child.

Destiny M. 08 Renaissance @ Palms West

Renaissance Charter School at Palms West

Periods 1,3,5

L2the next President

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