Gredin M. California

Abortion Restrictions

I talk about why abortions occur, why it is legal, and why it should instead be heavily restricted.

Dear Future President,

I want to explain to you the problems that America has, and how you can fix them. How everyone in America can help to fix them. But, I know you don’t have time to think about my ideas, and I don’t have time either. So, I am only going to mention one problem America has that we need to overcome. That problem is the cause of thousands of deaths each year. A problem that kills innocent children. A problem that causes dread and sorrow all across our country. That problem is abortion. Before your read on, think about this. If abortion was illegal, what would happen to women who had an illegal abortion?

Abortion is legal, I won’t deny that. I won’t push you to make it illegal. I just ask that you restrict it. Abortion should be rare. It should not be a common thing. You should not be able to find a doctor to perform abortions . Abortion should be a last resort. The case of Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973, so you could abort a child if they were in the 1st or 2nd trimester of birth. Why did that case exist? So people could kill their children rather than let them live their life with someone else. That should not happen. Think of life before abortion was legal. If someone wanted to abort a baby, they would give the baby to an adoption center.

There are many reasons why people abort their babies. The most common reason is rape. Women get raped, and they get pregnant. They abort the baby, as it was unintentional. Another reason for abortion is birth control. Sometimes, birth control fails, and a woman gets pregnant. One of the less common reasons is the risk of birth defects. Some mothers would rather kill their child then let them live life with a disability. Other reasons include having a serious health problem. A problem that will kill or injure the mother if she gets pregnant. Guess which reason should be the only reason abortions occur? The only reason for abortions should be if the mother has a serious health problem. Aborting an accidental child will let the mother live.

In conclusion, I would like to ask you the question from the beginning. If abortion was illegal, what would happen to women who had an illegal abortion? Should she have a punishment? Should she have to die? As it is illegal, she should. But, people cannot accept that conclusion, as her child has already died. People think abortion should be illegal, but there would be no way to enforce it as a law. So, I ask that you restrict abortion , and make it a rare occurrence. Thank you for your time.


Gredin Martin




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