Emily W. Minnesota


This article is about how I believe that individuals should be educated more on abortion.

Dear Next President,

Congrats on your victory! You did a lot to come this far and look at you now. I’m here because I need your help. Together as a team I believe we can educate individuals on how abortion is something that’s preventable. It is important that people are able to make informed decisions and that there is a process of education before any decision is made.

Informing the nation about abortion and how it affects lives would bring the numbers down. In the Health Guidance article it states that “In the US itself, more than 4000 cases of abortion are reported on a daily basis.” That’s a lot of unwanted babies. But not all of them are unwanted there’s a lot of reason why women get an abortions.

Sometimes for woman abortion is the only option they have. Sometimes having the baby could be life threatening to the mother and the only option is to have the abortion. Here is a list of common reasons women get an abortion. There was a birth control failure, inability to support or care a the child, to prevent the birth of a child with birth defects or severe medical problems, if the pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, and physical or mental conditions that endanger the woman’s health if the pregnancy continued. That right there shows you that’s there a lot of reasons women get an abortion some of them can be preventable others can not.

It is crucial that education is built into our healthcare system to help aid the decision. Going to the doctor there should be a requirement to have a conversation with your doctor about abortion. This must be a priority if we are going to help increase the awareness of how people “see” abortion and help women cope with the emotions of making that decision.