Sida Oregon

Womans Equality

Woman and men should have equal rights. We are all humans we should all be treated equally.

Dear Future President,

       Womans equality is a very important to me because believe people should be treated equally. You should not be treated worse or better just because of your gender. As an example if a man and a women are doing the same EXACT job they should get paid EXACTLY the same. People make excuses like if one person has more education they should get paid more. But if they're doing the same job they must only need a certain amount of education.

      Most people who don't agree with this subject are males and that is very disappointing. This reminds me of back when woman weren't aloud to vote or colored people couldn't do any things. We are trying to fix this world and right now we are just causing even more problems we'll have to fix in the future. good luck future president and please make this world a better place.

Kennedy Middle School

Henderson Period 3 Social Studies

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