Ryan B. Oregon

Climate Change

Climate change may or may not be a huge problem, but we still do not know, and while we wait for proof, the problem could become unfixable.

Dear Future President,

Climate change is a huge problem that faces us, that is if it is real. We do not know if climate change is real or not and that is an even bigger problem. While we are arguing about if it is real, climate change could get extremely out of hand. Or someone could overreact and we could lose many jobs for no reason. To combat this possible threat, first we need evidence for if climate change is or is not happening to be able to take action to stop it ,or to know that it is not a problem. We can not be arguing about if it is happening and then take wrong measures about the problem.

At the very least, we need to have studies to discover if climate change is a human caused event ,so that we can come up with ways of combating climate change. Then if it is not, we know that we do not need to change anything. We need to figure out what is happening so people can stop spending time arguing ,and figure out how we should act upon this.

We can not continue to waste time arguing while the polar ice caps grow smaller and smaller each year. By the time we decide if we should do anything, it will be to late to do so. We need evidence to discuss what our next action should be ,or if we even need to take action. We can wait no longer, we need proof to the question, is climate change real?



Kennedy Middle School

Henderson Period 3 Social Studies

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