Jamalia H. Alabama

Being Judged for Who You Are.

Everyone has the right to love and be who they are. We should be equal. We shouldn't be fighting.

Dear Mr. /Mrs. President,

I want to address the problem with equality. This includes race, gender, and sexuality. This country needs justice, and equality is justice. People are being made fun of because of their sexuality, gender, and race. Homosexuals are being called "fa----" and "dy---". African Americans are being called the N-word, Whites are being called C-word, and many more. There are many races being made fun of. Why do others treat women terribly? What did they ever do wrong? "Women are weak." "A woman can't do what a man can do." Can you believe this? Why do we treat each other like this?

Homosexuals are people, too. They are not "things" or "its". They are people! Do you believe in love, Mr. /Mrs. President? Love is love, no matter what gender. I support LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex) people. They are just like us. All they want to do is show affection to one another. I remember reading this story on CNN about a gay couple that got boiling hot water poured on them while they were sleeping. One of the boyfriend's father poured the boiling water on them. I also read on CNN that two teenage girls in Morocco were sent to jail for three years because they were caught kissing. Why are people going to jail just by showing affection? Love is not a crime.

I've also heard people discuss race and racial discrimination.  I have watched many news stories on the topic, and I want for the world's people to be equal. Have you heard of the black man being arrested in Edina, Minnesota because he was walking down the street? A white police officer grabbed him and pulled him over. There is actual video proof of this happening. It's not right! The sidewalk he was walking on just got done with construction. The woman recording the video suggested to the officer that he tell the man the right place to walk instead of arresting him. It didn't matter because the black man got arrested anyway. What if this man was your relative or a close friend? What would do about it? Racism was really popular in the past and people can't let it go. Racist people think that their race always dominates the other. I don't believe that.

I've actually received some sexist comments from people. The comments weren't major comments, they were minor. People will tell me that I scream like a girl, throw like a girl, write like a girl. What do you think they mean when they say "like a girl"? Do they mean that I throw weak or write too pretty? Are all girls like that? No, we are not. Women feel like the weak ones because some men tell us that we are. Men are seen as strong and independent, but not all men are like that. We are all strong and independent. We can do want we want to. (It has to be legal.) What is with the Gender Pay Gap? Why are women being paid less than men? Is it because we are seen weak and helpless? The pay gap is even worse for women of color. In 2015, they had a gap of 20%. Is it fair?

In conclusion, I think that we need to focus on equality and what it means to them. This effects people's lives. Sometimes, it even leads to suicide. It leads to people getting killed. We don't need this. We need to work together and get along with other people. Put yourself in their shoes. It doesn't feel good to be discriminated against.  I hope that you will take this letter in consideration and discuss it further. I can't wait to hear about it.