zulema Oregon

Higher Pay For Teachers

Teachers deserve higher salaries for all of their hard work and dedication

Dear Next President,

A big issue in my opinion is that teachers do not get paid enough. Teachers are the ones that help guide us to our success and to get a good future. Teachers should get paid more than they are already getting paid. Many teachers around the world stay after school or before just to help their students. Teachers give out help to their students so they can have a better understanding. “I have to tutor often in the evening instead of spending time with my family” a teacher was quoted in The Wall Street Journal. This example shows how much dedication teachers have to spend time with their students without getting paid. I feel like teachers in every state of the United states of America need to get paid the same. North Carolina ranks the 42nd in nation for average teacher salaries. This is not correct because everyone in the state has to be in the same rank.

In addition, something that struck me was the teacher pay in other countries and how much importance they have for them in other countries. For example, in Finland the career of a teacher is very important and one of the most respected professions. Teachers deserve the respect of their students in any country. The starting salary pay for teachers in Finland is much higher compared to the United States of America. Every teacher in the U.S.A should at least be more respected, and we should all take into consideration that they are the ones that spend the majority of the time with students to support them.

Malala Yosafzai is a Nobel Peace Prize winner who nearly died for the right to receive an education. She believes that education is a very important! I think education is very important also for every student. We get all that education from the teachers. Teachers are very powerful human beings that help us with everything! For that reason, teachers should get paid more and more. I hope you, the next president, will take into consideration my letter and take into heart that teachers should get paid more than they already are getting paid. They are very strong people that help us as students become someone important in life. So that's why I think teachers should get paid more!