Dylan Oregon

Gun Control

We need gun control. I think we have reached a new low in the grand history of atrocities us humans have committed. School shootings.

Dear Future President

         There is something that you and this nation need to urgently address, gun control. Right know practically anyone can go and obtain a gun. An ugly thing which its sole purpose is to end peoples lives. Then having this gun they can walk into a store, bank, or school and kill every last person in there and it could be anybody. That's how bad this nation needs it gun control.

        I propose that anybody not currently deployed in an armed service wanting to purchase a gun, should have to go through through psyche tests mental stability tests and training. As well as prohibiting the same people from obtaining any automatic or semiautomatic fire arms. This will dramatically reduce crime such as, armed robberies, hold ups, mass shootings, school shootings. The over all violence level in America would dramatically decrease.

      Something that many anti gun control people think is that gun control will take away their guns and prohibit them from ever obtaining a firearm ever again. However this is not the case. Anybody wanting to purchase a firearm could as long as they past the tests and and get training. Gun control is simply to prevent those who would use firearms for bad from obtaining them.

      Sandy Hook Elementry 28 dead 2 injured, Columbine High school massacre 15 Dead 24 injured, what will be next? When will it stop? These utter atrocities could have been avoided if there was a gun control law in place, and Those children and teens with their whole lives ahead of them would still be here with use today. So what will you do? Will you allow these horrific incidents repeat themselves or will you put an end to this ugly violence and make America safer place to live? Its all up to you.


Kennedy Middle School

Henderson Period 3 Social Studies

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