sam s. Oregon

School Education

I think this country is failing in education and we need to stop it! An average school day is 6 to 7 hours and only about two of those are spent learning.

Class time gets interrupted  by other kids, teachers stories, announcements, break, lunch, and yes some of these are necessary, but really 7 hours?? It's not healthy for kids to be sitting down that long and information that you don't even need to know squeezed into their heads. This causes kids to get head aches, depression, stress, and can even lead to suicide due to bullying and stress from work. I think school times should be shorter and classes should be smaller. I also think that Teachers should be paid more because the richest man once had to be taught by a teacher yet the teachers aren't making quite as much as they should be. Some classes have 45 kids in them and just 1 teacher that's insane and not fair to the teacher or any of the kids.

  Teachers get paid around $53,000 dollars yearly and that's for the average teacher and lower new teacher makes around $36,000 and the highest paid making $87,000 yearly. That's about $27 dollars an hour. An average person makes about $52,000 a year that is about the same amount of a teacher.

     As a student myself, I know how many times your learning gets put off and I know how annoying that can be and then you expected to do good on test.  School is one of the most frustrating things in the world why make it harder on students and teachers.