Noah M. Ohio

Relationship With Russia

My opinion on Russia is that we should have relations but be very cautious when dealing with the country.

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to give you my thoughts and warnings on the country Russia. Almost as soon as you have been elected, Russia has been very open on how they now want a better relationship with the USA. This can be a great thing to have because Russia is a very strong and powerful country. Alas, the same thing that makes it a great opportunity also makes in hazardous. I’m going to present some reasons we should be very cautious and reasons we should increase relations with Russia.

One of the biggest reasons we should be cautious is that Russia has totally flipped their opinion on the United States over a small period of time. The country has shown America little to no respect committing outrageous crimes such as invading a neighboring country known as Ukraine. This was not done secretly but openly showing there’s no respect between us until recently. Also, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has casually gone to a dinner and said he “Could easily destroy America”,”Business Insider”. Putin’s relationship with our president, Obama has not been a great one either he has gone on record and bashed him multiple times.

Another reason Russian relations are suspicious are because since the 60’s (Arguably before that) Russia has not been a big fan of America. From the Cold War on, Russia has always been against America, all of a sudden they want to increase relations with us. It is very shady. They were very confident that they could destroy the country, and now they want to be allies.

Even though I believe that we should be cautious when making relations with Russia I am not against them at all. They could be a big help when taking on big threats like ISIS and other terrorist organizations. They could help not only on the ground but in the air with their helicopters and airplanes giving american/russian troops an advantage. Also if things go great we may have a new-found ally in Russia. Hopefully they are able to come and understand and respect the United States and likewise.

In conclusion we should have be open to have Russia as our ally but until they prove themselves as completely trustworthy be ready. As the president you must be very cautious when dealing with the russian government and especially their president.

Sincerely, Noah