Colin M. Ohio


Murder should be looked at more closely and be watched more

Dear Future President:

One big problem in the United States is homicide also known as murder. In 2016 the United States had 14,655 murders. Murder is very cruel and inhumane for people to do that to one another. Also there should be worse punishment for people who commit homicide, also known as murder. This means that people who kill one another. There are around 15,000 murders a year in the United States. According to the 2014 Crime in the United States 8,124 murders were caused by firearms in 2014. The next biggest cause of murder is using knives or cutting objects. The races that are being murdered the most is close between Caucasian (White) and African-American (Black) .

I believe that there should be precautions taken to prevent murder. I believe that police officers should have to wear body cameras to see what they do while they are the job. Also every race should be treated equally. In the U.S. there is a lot of racial feuds because of police brutality. One example is Ferguson, Missouri and they rioted last year because a white police officer shot an african-american man and had no form of punishment.

I think that there should be limits on how many weapons some one can own. The government should take a serious look at this and do something about. They could use cameras because that would help and also people should have something that tells us where they have been in the last hour or so.


Colin Murphy