Grant J. Middleton Ohio

National Debt

National debt is growing and these are some ways to stop it.

                                                                       National Debt

Dear Future President:

National debt has become a huge problem over the past years and nobody is doing anything to stop it. The national debt is growing and these are just some ways to stop it.

Our national debt is owned by many people some in the U.S. and some in foreign countries. The debt is a like a hole and we keep digging ourselves in deeper. There are a few ways we can actually cut the debt down and stop its growth. The website Policy.Mic suggest that cutting foreign aid in half will not get rid of debt but rather allow us to have more money for ourselves and not give it away to foreign countries.

The national debt is a terrible thing that is not just hurting one person rather it is hurting everyone. Having a high national debt means that taxes increase for everyone,and some people have trouble paying the taxes as they are now. This makes many people everywhere lose shelter by not having enough money to pay for it and also not be able to pay and care for loved ones or maybe even starve to death. This is a big problem and nobody even cares.

Another huge problem is that the debt has gotten to be up to 19.9 trillion dollars and growing at an incredible rate and nobody's doing anything to stop it. The last time we were out of debt was back in 1835 when Andrew Jackson was president. This means that all presidents after Jackson have caused this debt.

In conclusion, all presidents from here on out need to try their best to at least stop the growth of the debt and maybe even get rid of it. Also they need to not spend money unless necessary. There are different ways to stop debt such as reducing the amount of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, capping medicare growth, eliminate earmarks, etc… These are just some ways and there are many more.


Grant J. Middleton