Sean C. New Jersey

Animal Testing

I am against animal testing.

Dear President-Elect Trump,

Today I have sent you a letter about the scientific or commercial testing of animals.Animal Testing has always been a tricky subject about whether it is inhumane or not but I am telling you today that there are many ways we are able to replace animals as test subjects and use safer and more reliable than using animal testing and approving it for use on humans such as.

Alternative methods now exist that can replace the need for animals such as studying cell cultures in a glass dish, can produce more relevant results than animal testing because human cells can be used. Microdosing, the administering of doses too small to cause adverse reactions, can be used in human volunteers, whose blood is then analyzed. Artificial human skin, such as the commercially available products EpiDerm and ThinCert, is made from sheets of human skin cells grown in test tubes or plastic wells and can produce more useful results than testing chemicals on animal skin.As well that Some chemicals that are harmful to animals prove valuable when used by humans. Aspirin, for example, is dangerous for some animal species.

In conclusion there is many problems with testing on animals and it could be a danger to humans and animals alike,it is a waste of government spending and our money to make unreliable test results past on species not related to us in anyway.It can endanger lives and mislead the brightess minds by leading them to false results.It is also cruel and inhumane, discriminating against animals because they do not have the cognitive ability, language, or moral judgment that humans do is no more justifiable than discriminating against human beings with severe mental impairments.It is inhumane to animals to embarrass them in such a way it is completely unfair for them to be contained by scientist and have there lives taken for inaccurate resuits,It is insulting to these animals and Animal Testing must stop there are more safe and more accurate ways to test animals more.I believe this is a problem that should be taken care of for our health and every life in our nation.Thank you for hearing my message on this tricky subject of Animal Testing I hope it is taken into your consideration and thank you for your time.