zayd A. Ohio

Illegal drugs

President needs to look into more ways to stop illegal drug use

Dear Future President;

I think the use of illegal drugs is a problem in the USA. I think Illegal drugs play a big role in deaths per year and criminal acts. I think something should be done about the illegal drug usage in the US.

Next, According to the Commonly “Abused Drugs Charts” an estimated 20 million people are using illegal drugs in the US. Researchers from “Drug addiction rehabilitation” say more than 90% of our illegal drugs come from Mexico and other southern countries.Drugs have been spreading fast in the US. Researchers say illegal drug use will increase 25% over the next decade. A data chart from drug fact sheet from shows that every year in the US about 1.6 million arrests are made. Some of the most popular and addictive drugs are lsd, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Heroin, Cannabis, and Opium.The age group most affected by drugs are ages 17-25.

Then, the first thing the president needs to review the country's status on drugs. The first thing you can do Mr. president is to reduce illegal drug use in the US is to find out how to reduce it. An excellent way to stop drug use is the seek treatment and visit you local doctor. The second thing the president can do is find out where all the illegal drugs are coming from so they can be prevented. Then, Mr. president needs to review the country's status on drugs.

So as you can see, illegal drugs in the US is an issue Mr. president and you need to take action to. Mr. president you need to make the southern border more secure so illegal drugs won't come in. Mr. president you also need to run drug tests on citizens more often. Last Mr president you need to require help to citizens that have been using illegal drugs.      Sincerely, Zayd Abushamma