Emma H. Wisconsin

Barbaric Animal Cruelty

Egregious animal testing is making thousands of innocent creatures go through superfluous maltreatment.

Dear Future President,

Animal testing is cruel, expensive and in some cases, unnecessary. Although it may make medical breakthroughs, it is is possible that it can do the exact opposite. This is because the animals used for this testing are different from humans; what is good for them could be terrible for people, and what might cause them death could solve a major problem for mankind. They are also taken from their habitats and subjected to multiple experiments which cause them to react differently from a person using the product freely at their own home. Even though these tests are sort of pointless, they are not cheap.

It costs thousands of dollars to feed, house, care for, treat, and supply drugs for the testing. If we just spent the money on other research, different testing, closer inspecting, or other options, we may have more accurate data than from the animal testing. For example, with in vitro testing, we would be able to use actual human cells instead of the animal's. This would mean the results would be more accurate to humans, and the animals would not have to suffer. 

It is very common in the testing for animals to have forced feeding, forced inhalation, lack of food and water, and to be purposely burned or wounded to study their healing process. The experiments also cause the animals pain to study its effects and ways to stop it. This means that helpless creatures are constantly being exposed to hardships and cruelty, so humans may get a better understanding on how it makes them react. This information may help in the designing and release of products, but is it really worth making these defenseless animals be forced into a world of utter terror for nothing they've done? 

The testing on animals may cause them pain, suffering, or maybe even death to see if products are safe for people even though the results may be different from one of a human's. In the future, the world could be completely different if we continue this inhumane testing; all animals could be subjected to the experiments instead of just rats, mice, rabbits, etc. Because we have better alternatives for the research, we don't really need animal testing. How would you feel if you were among the terrorized, tortured, and helpless animals trapped inside the unnecessary research that awaits them?