Kyle B. Iowa

government taking away farm land

this paragraph is about eminent domane and why I think its wrong

To The Future President:

My name is Kyle Branderhorst. I live in Oskaloosa, Iowa, I am a young small town farmer and goes to Oskaloosa Christian school.

I am writing to you about farming. Farmers live all around the world. Yet only 2% of the US population are farmers. If it weren't for farmers people wouldn't have food to eat. Farmers feed not just themselves but the whole world. One of my favorite phrases is “Did you eat today, thank a farmer”.

If the US population of farmers is 2% then why are the government trying to take their land away and build airports or pipelines. It doesn't make sense because the farmers are providing these people food and they in return are taking away the farmers land for their own wants. It's like saying would you rather eat a meal today of have to pay higher taxes for something that is just going to ruin the lifestyle of these farmers that they have made for themselves.

Farmers have many different life styles. Dairy, beef, pork, agriculture. They all play a huge part in the US so why would you want to take away their land it's like saying we don't want food we want a airport. If I were president I would make it where the people can have their way of life. If these things happen the way of farmers will perish some day.