Mason W. Iowa

Stop Abortion!

Abortion is messing our nation up.

Dear Future President,

My name is Mason Westercamp. I live in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and I am in 6th grade at Oskaloosa Christian School.

I am writing to you about abortion because abortion is a big problem in America. Abortion is murder and murder is illegal. Abortion is just killing innocent children because the parents don't want the child. The baby could change the world if you would give it a chance. If the parents didn't want a baby, then they shouldn't get pregnant.

This is important to me because just as I have been given the gift of life, I want everyone to have life. Even though it doesn't seem like it everyone deserves life as much as we do, they do! The child has no choice of living and could change the world. What if they had aborted Abraham Lincoln? That would change history!

You should care about it because you are a good president if you care about your people, including the babies. Abortion is bad because it is just one less citizen and one less person. If you add up all of the people aborted in October of 2016, it is around 959,516, and being killed at a rate of 1 baby per 30 seconds. There are many families that would love a baby. Instead,the baby that they could of adopted got killed by their biological parents.

If you could change the law to make abortion illegal, that would be awesome! If a person wants an abortion, then they shouldn’t, have been pregnant in the first place. If they do, they could send them to an orphanage, a place where someone could adopt the child or put them in foster care. I know there, are people out there that want a child but can't have one. There are many more options that are better.

As a Christian I believe that we should not kill. In Exodus 20:13 it is listing the 10 Commandments, and the 6th commandment is “do not murder.” I know I have said this already but I will write it again: abortion is murder! As Christians we need to follow God’s commands. As a Christian, I to need to follow Him.

I hope this will change your perspective of abortion, and change it for good. Would you abort your child? You wouldn't do that, would you? I wouldn’t do that. If your parents decided to abort you, you wouldn’t be president.


Mason Westercamp