Anna E. Iowa


American needs to control their actions.

Dear Future President,

My name is Anna Eveland. I currently live in Eddyville, Iowa. I am a student at Oskaloosa Christian School.

I am writing to you about abuse, or known as Domestic Abuse. Abuse is violent, and is a physical reaction to a problem. When others get abused it could scar them, damage, or even cause that person to hurt themselves of others in a variety of ways. Over 2 million people have been abused in the United States, and families who might have a abusive member in their family might become scared of the person. The families might even hide from that person or leave the person.

This matters to me because my uncle used to abuse my aunt and his children. Then one day he just decided to take of with all of their savings. My family tried to help her by giving her a bit of money, letting her stay at their houses, and helped pay for therapy. I have also heard about lots of abuse in the news. Even complete strangers would come up to a person and start beating them up. That scared me as a child.

You should care about this issue because more people are getting hurt every day, whether it is mentally or physically. America is sinking not rising, and part of that is abuse. Don't let America become a continent that doesn't make people feel safe. Most people love their families, but some families are having some trouble.

What you can do about this issue is that schools should have counselors that are more involved with the kids.They could have group building exercises so that they will learn to love others. Also, parents should have discipline. Some people think that that is what causes abuse. But I think that it helps the child respect others in the future.

As a Christian I believe that abuse is against the ten commandments. In Deuteronomy 5:17 it tells us to not murder. I think that abuse is like murdering. You can be murdering your relationship, or if someone takes it too far, it could severely hurt someone. Even if someone hurt others, it can be the same thing as murder because they are both terrible sins.

I hope that you will consider my request, and America can grow stronger together.

Best wishes,

Anna Eveland